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what is the iso in photography

What ISO should I use for indoor photography?

These are the camera settings I used:Aperture: ?/2.5Shutter speed 1/20ISO 5000

Why is ISO important in digital photography?

What are the lighting conditions? Is it sunny outside? …Can your image handle a certain amount of grain or noise? Some photographers like to keep a certain amount of graininess to their images for the artistic moodiness it creates.Are you using a tripod? If so,you have more options when it comes to shutter speed. …Is your subject in motion? …

What does the ISO do on camera?

ISO 100. This is the best choice for shooting outside on a sunny day,this is probably the most intense light situation in which you will be shooting.ISO 400. In reasonably good but less intense light – for example,indoors near a window or outdoors on a cloudy day – it’s best to use a slightly higher …ISO 800. …ISO 1600 or higher. …

What is the easiest type of photography?

Wide range of OS compatibility and easy to useAutomatic feederGood resolution

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