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what is the iso in photography

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

The term “boudoir” itself gives way to what this type of photo shoot is. The word boudoir is French, and it refers to a woman’s private dressing room. It’s an intimate place that she has all to herself. As such, boudoir photography is intimate photography taken for the subject and her own personal reasons.

Boudoir Characteristics

Although clients tend to associate boudoir with fashion photography or glamour portraits, boudoir holds characteristics that are all its own.

What is the Difference Between Lingerie Photography and Boudoir?

As mentioned above, to the layman viewer, there may be a difficulty in differentiating between, say, lingerie photography and boudoir. As such, the two get confused often. So, what is the difference?

Are Outdoor Sessions Considered Boudoir?

There is a big debate in the photography community as to whether or not outdoor sessions are boudoir or not. Because the term originally represents an individual’s intimate space, outdoors, by default, are not really intimate.

Boudoir for Men?

Although we commonly associate boudoir with women, boudoir with men is absolutely possible! The genre is not gender-specific, and includes anyone who wants to feel empowered, confident, sexy. Boudoir are intimate portraits, which are just as important to men as they are to women.

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