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what is photography

What are facts about photography?

On average,a photographer’s income ranges from $20,000 to $120,000 per year.Photography is one of the few professions that has not yet been fully replaced by robots. …The number of photographers in the United States is estimated to be around 313,000.Around 33% of those are self-employed.More items…

What does photography really mean for photographers?

Prospective clients will see my photography and instantly know that I’m passionate about what I do…A pretty website,designed with style (or whatever passes for the latest flavor of the month week),shows that I have a true passion for creativity…All I have to do is say “photography is my biggest passion” on my about page…More items…

What is the main purpose of photography?

What is the main purpose of photography? The essential purpose of photography is communication. Few people take pictures solely to please themselves. Most of us take them because we want them seen by others. We wish or are compelled to inform, educate, entertain, reform, or share some experienced with others.

Why is photography considered art?

Well anything really as long as it appeals to the buyer’s taste:Fine art nudesFine art portraitsFine art landscapesFine art pet photographyBlack and white photography – it’s timelessArchitectureWild lifeEquine photography (weird name for horses)Sporting eventsNewsworthy (paparazzi)More items…

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