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how to start a photography business

That could be a great sideline or side hustle to build up some passive income while your main hustle is back-end, or front-end or whatever you get it. There are multiple online photo printing companies who will allow you to purchase high quality prints on obscure paper and all for a small fraction of the camera like Fuji film, and have them shipped to your door. Companies like Livescribe makes handwritten diaries with built in secretary and dictation software, so it has the computerish essential. On one side you are constrained by tech, but then again there’s this weird decentralized structure that allows people of such diverse skillsets from all around the world to converge. And definitely with the advent of social media, more photographers are building followings ensuring that handpainted cards never open their own businesses (but we’ll save discussion about art for another time).This is an article about how to start a photography business. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below.

What is the Director of Photography?

This is the individual that is responsible for working very closely in conjunction with the Director to ensure that the creative vision of the film is carried out in everything that happens on the set. They are responsible for creating the look and style of the film.

What Does Director of Photography Mean?

Essentially, Director of Photography means that this individual directs the camera and all equipment that works with the camera to procure the vision of the film on the set.

Top DP Skills

To get an idea of what the DP will do to carry out these visions and to ensure that the film is just right, check out these top DP skills:

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